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It’s incredible but a lot of people think that in Mexico we speak “mexican” (It’s almost the same mistake when some people say that in Brasil Speak brasilian) well, for everyone who never cares about “international history” maybe they have this big mistake.

Mexico was conquered by Spain (España) so, it’s why we speak Spanish, also, you can say that we speak Spanish from Mexico because it’s a huge different. They have different way to express something or someone.

It should be mentioned that a friend of mine has a dictionary where the title is “learn Mexican Language” but I think the best way of that title should be “Learn Spanish Idioms from Mexico”. But when I saw that book, I can see that maybe is because there is confusion in the past.

Then to liberate the great unknown, in Mexico speaks Spanish.


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Mi Inspiración


Why I need to write all this? What kind of inspiration can I use for this blog? Well, I was thinking the easiest way and also something that my friends can use it. And my “idea” had born.

My friends (a few of them) they want to learn Spanish in the short free time when they are not working, so, i feel that it’s a good idea produce some “podcasts” and my friends can use it with the “ipod” or any mp3 player. I’ll like to make some videos for learn some vocabulary (basic words). And also with the new generations with ipod nano, you can see videos, so, while you are going to work you can listen some podcast (sound or video) on the skytrain or bus and the end of the day you can learn unless one word per day. That sounds great!

Also I want to share my culture from Mexico and all the wonderful places that Mexico has and sometimes the “travel agencies” never show to the people.

I want to show a lot of staff like the food, the places, the good things and bad things of Mexico, the other side of Latin films, music and an endless number of ideas that want to share for my friends and the people who can find me online.

So, with the purpose of create this new blog, I can be happy in different ways: one with my school, two with my friends, and tree with me, because this makes me practice more my English and my grammar.

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 HOLA: hi, hellow

ADIOS: bye  ;D

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